The upgraded styling engine makes it easy to customize any template’s colors, fonts, and background layers. To access the styling engine, edit your iHOUSE Elite website and click the paint roller icon in the blue bar at the top of the screen.

The paint roller icon opens a window that allows you to access the following options:

Choose Palette

Here you can select an existing color palette associated with your template series (older templates may only have one option), or use the pencil icon to create a custom palette of your own. The color palette defines the colors of buttons, navigation bars, and other elements of the template design.

Extra Colors

This is a place to store a custom color for future use. Any color you save to the extra colors section will become a quick select color option for page backgrounds or fonts.


Edit Page Background

Here you can change your template’s background color, assign an image to your background, or even layer combinations of images and semi-transparent masks to create a very custom-looking background design.

Edit Fonts

Edit font settings to control which font families, colors, and sizes are automatically associated with the text on your website. Your body font settings will control the majority of your text content, while H1, H2, and H3 font settings will control the appearance of your page/widget headings and sub-headings. Anchor font settings apply to the clickable links on your website.