You can edit your homepage while you are in Edit Mode by going to the Pages tab or by clicking Edit this page while on your homepage.

Homepage Layout: What are these boxes?

The boxes show a representation of the structure of your homepage. Different pieces of content on your homepage are represented by simple labeled blocks that you can edit and move around. Homepage layouts are typically composed of multiple columns. Within each column are several different blocks of content called widgets. Your Navigation Menu in a fixed in a location depending on your template. Some layouts have navigation across the top, and some have navigation in the lefthand column. 

Note: Some templates have sections that are shared by all pages of your site, not just your homepage. (This only applies to certain layouts and will be indicated when you edit your homepage.)

Adding Widgets

Your template comes with some widgets already loaded on it. To add additional widgets, decide which column you wish to add the content to and then click the “Add new content” link at the bottom of that column. A dropdown menu will appear asking you what kind of content you wish to add. You can select from a list of widgets or add your own custom ones. Once you have made your selection, click Add this content and you will see your new widget added to the bottom of the column. Check your homepage after you add new widgets to make sure that it looks the way you want it. Your website will look best when your columns are all approximately equal in length. You can always go back and move your new widget to a different column.

Note: If widgets have no content to display they will not show on your site. For example, your Open Houses widget will not show on your homepage if you have no upcoming open house events. Past open house events are automatically hidden. Also note that if a column has no widgets to display, then the column will not appear. This way, you only have to use the columns that you need.

Removing Widgets

To remove a widget from your homepage, click the red delete.gif icon on the right side of the block.

Note: Removing a widget from your homepage DOES NOT delete the content of the widget. It will still be available to add back to your homepage at any time by clicking on the Add new content link.

Reordering Widgets

You can reorder widgets within a column by clicking and holding down on the  icon on the left side of each widget. Drag it up or down the column and drop it where you want it.

Note: You can only drag and drop widgets within the columns that they are already in. To move a widget to a different column, delete it from the current column then click the “Add new content” link in the desired column. Select your content and click the “Add this content” button. (Not all widgets will be available in all columns due to width restrictions.)

Editing Widgets

Each widget has a green Edit link on the right side of the block. To edit the widget, simply click Edit. Depending on the type of widget, you may see different edit screens. For example, editing the Welcome Text widget will take you to a screen with a text editor. Editing your Featured Listings widget will take you to your related Featured Listings page, where you can edit the rules for which listings to display, how many to show on your homepage, and in what order. 

Note: Editing any of these settings (other than the number of listings to display on the homepage) will apply to both the widget AND the full Featured Listings page. As always, make sure to save your changes.

Custom Content Widgets

Custom content widgets allow you to add any type of content you want to your homepage. You can add text, links, graphics, or use HTML to make your own content. Always be sure to check your new widget on your live site to make sure it displays correctly.

Custom Form Widgets

Custom form widgets allow you to add any of your custom forms to your homepage. If you have no custom forms, go to your Pages menu, make a new custom form, and come back to your homepage to add it as a widget. Always be sure to check your new widget on your homepage to make sure it is displaying correctly.