The Navigation Menu gives your users easy access to all of the most import parts of your website. Use this editor to customize your nav link text, reorder your nav links, and organize them into groups (sublink groups are typically displayed as a dropdown menu below the main link).

To access the Navigation Menu, log into your iHOUSEweb admin menu, and click Edit Website, then click Navigation.

Ordering & Grouping Navigation Links

To change the order of a navigation menu link, simply click the link and drag it up or down to the desired location, and drop it. If you drop it directly under another link, it will become a sublink in that group. If you want a link to become its own group, drop it in the space between existing groups. Sublinks will display underneath their parent links in your website’s navigation.


  • Most templates use a horizontal navigation menu across the top of the screen. On the homepage, only the parent links (in bold) will show. After you have hovered your mouse over a parent link, the other links in that group will appear underneath.
  • For these templates we recommend using 6 or less link groups. Adding more than that may cause the links to wrap to a second line. If you want to add several navigation groups and links, or want all of your navigation links to always show, you should choose a template with navigation down the side.
  • As a general rule, keep your navigation as easy to understand as possible.

Editing & Deleting Navigation Links

Clicking the green rename link will allow you to change the link text. Any changes made here will immediately appear on your website. To edit the actual content of the page (including URLs of link out items that link to external websites), you must use the Pages tab in the Edit Mode bar. If you want to change the page a link points to, instead delete the link and make a new link to the desired page using the Add a navigation link form at the bottom of the page.

To delete a link, click the delete icon [] for that link.

Note: Deleting a navigation link will only delete the link, it will not delete the corresponding page.

Adding New Navigation Links

New links must either be a Link out or point to a PUBLISHED page on your website. You can not add a link to an unpublished page.

To add a link, use the Add a navigation link section at the bottom of the page and select the type of nav link you would like to add. 


Link to an existing, published page on your website. Unpublished pages and pages that already have navigation links will not appear in this list.

Nav Heading

An un-linked menu item that serves as a header for a drop down list of nav links.

Form Dialogue

A link that will pop-up one of your existing forms. 

IDX Search Results

Link to an IDX Search Results page that will generate based on the configuration of this navigation link. 

Note: This Link generator is only available to our IDX enabled Elite Agent Pro and Elite Office Pro customers with React websites.

Market Report

Link to a Market Report results page that will generate based on the location specified of this navigation link. 

Note: This Link generator is only available to our IDX enabled Elite Agent Pro and Elite Office Pro customers with React websites.


Link Out to any page thats not on your own website.

Click OK. The new page will now appear in your navigation menu. New navigation links will always appear at the end of the list as a new Nav Heading, so be sure to re-order and set your new nav link in the correct spot.

Navigation Widgets

Navigation widgets allow you to create your own separate, customized navigation menus. Note that when you create a navigation widget, you can add parent nav links, but you can't add child links to these.