You can choose a new website design by going to the “Template” tab in Edit Mode.

Viewing Templates

To browse our complete template library, use the page links in the upper left corner. To narrow your results, you can filter templates by category, color, or company. Change your filter by selecting a different template category or click the Reset button to remove all filter options. Your current template is shown up at the top right under the Navigation bar. Each template has a name and an ID number (e.g. T0##_#) that you don’t need to worry about. If you just want to try out new templates, remember your original templates name so you can return to it easily.

To preview a template, click the Preview link under the thumbnail or just click on the thumbnail itself.

Selecting a Template

To change to a different template, click the Select link under a thumbnail or in the Preview window. Your website will immediately change to the new template style.

Feel free to change your template as much as you want. You will not lose any information by changing your template and you can always switch back!

Note: Templates with navigation along the top of the page are designed to contain only 6 navigation groups or less. If you have more navigation groups than that, your pages may not look optimal. Consider selecting a template with the navigation on the side or reducing the number or navigation groups. Always review your website after changing your template to ensure that everything is displaying as you want it.