If you have one of our Office packages, chances are you’ll want to include not just your own listings on your Office Website, but listings for all your agents as well. Depending on who will be managing the listings, there are two ways to do this:

  1. Each agent manages their own listings:
    • Create an Agent Website for each of your agents.
    • Make sure the Share Listings setting is turned on for their website.
    • On their own Agent Websites, they will set up and manage their own listings.
    • Their listings will show up on both their Agent Website and on your Office Website.
    • Their listings will be managed from the Agent Website.
  2. You manage all the listings in one place:
    • Use “Find Your Office Listings”: to find the listings for yourself or one of your agents.
    • Repeat this step for each one of your agents, assigning which listing agent names belong to which agent profile in your agent directory.
    • Your agents’ listings will show up on your Office Website.
    • All of these listings will be managed from the Office Website.
      Note: Your agents may have their own copies of their listings on their respective Agent Websites that they manage independently, but “share listings” is turned OFF.

The only potential problem comes when you do BOTH of the above for the same agent. This will cause duplicate listings to show up on your Office Website. Otherwise, you can mix and match, allowing some agents to manage their own listings, while you manage the rest. With your website(s) auto-updating listings for you, there won’t be much work in managing listings anyway.

Share Listings

What does "share listings" mean? Share Listings is a setting to display an individual Agent Website’s listings on your Office Website. This agent will manage their own listings on their own Agent Website. Your Office Website will ALSO display those listings, but will not be responsible to manage them. 

Note: As the Office Administrator you can still access your agent’s websites and manage them if needed.

In this video we will show you how to enable and disable the share listings feature in your iHouse Office Elite website.

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