Adding Commercial Listings to your IDX Search

To turn on Commercial Listings for your MLS Search first login to your admin menu. Next hit the “Settings” button then “Search Restrictions”. Scroll to the bottom of the page and make sure that the hide Commercial Listings is not selected.

Adding Commercial Listings Automatically

To have Commercial Listings automatically appear on your iHOUSE Elite website, click the ‘manage your listings’ button. Once it is unchecked, go into the edit mode of your website click the “Listings” tab then hit “Automatic”. From here you can enter in the MLS number, state, and zip code then hit “Find Listings”.

Your Commercial listings should automatically be pulled in by the MLS and entered into your Featured Listings. We will also automatically update your listings with changes from the MLS and new listings as well.

Note: We are currently in the process of downloading the Commercial Listings data from the MLS’s that provide us with this information. This process does take time and we may not have downloaded your MLS’s Commercial Listings. If you know your MLS provides us with Commercial Listings and would like to put your MLS near the front of the line to download, please contact our Customer Support Department at 1-866-645-7700.

Adding Commercial Listings Manually

To add a commercial listing manually, go to the Listings tab in Edit Mode. In the “Add new listings” section, click the “Manual“ link. First, select the check box for commercial listings this will remove all of the typical home and rental information replacing it with Commercial info.

Next enter the basic information for the listing, such as MLS# (if you have one), Property Type, Price, Address, Lot size (in acres) etc. If you have a link to a virtual tour, you can enter it in the Virtual Tour URL box (proper format:

Next you can enter a description for the listing.

In the Features module you start with some sample features. Edit them to say what you want or you can delete them. Use the “Add a new feature” link to add more features. In the Name field enter the title of the feature. In the Value field enter the corresponding description for the feature. You can add as many features as you want.

To add video to your listing, paste the embed code (from YouTube or other video site) exactly as it was given to you into the Video field.

You have the option of assigning a keyword to your listing. Keywords allow you to create custom categories for your listings and then feature them on different Featured Listings pages. For example, if you assign your listing a keyword of Dedicated Turn Signal, you could then create a new featured listing page with a rule to only show listings with a keyword of Dedicated Turn Signal. You then have a Featured Listing page with only waterfront properties on it.

When you are done entering your listing information, click the “Save listing” button.

You now have the option of uploading photos for your listing. Click the “Browse” button and select the image from your computer. Click the “Upload New Photo” button. Wait for confirmation that the photo has been uploaded successfully and you will see the preview image on the left. After a few minutes, if the preview image does not show, try hitting your browser’s refresh button. If you have additional photos to add, repeat this process as many times as you want.