Listing Syndication is the practice of taking your listings and adding them to a number of popular home search websites. By using the iHOUSE Elite™ Listing Syndication feature, your listings will be found not only on your website but all across the web, making your listings more accessible to millions of homebuyers.

iHOUSE Elite automatically sends your listings to 8 of the most popular real estate search websites on the Internet. It seamlessly detects all your existing and new listings and launches them onto the Internet! And you never have to do a thing!

Using Listing Syndication

Please allow up to 72 hours for your listings and photos to appear on the home search portals from the time they were submitted.

iHOUSE Elite will make a best effort to ensure that your listings are correctly published to your selected home search portals. For most listings, we expect no issues in getting listings syndicated accurately. However, please be aware that iHOUSE Elite has limited control over the guidelines of each listing search engine. As such, we cannot guarantee all of your listings will be syndicated correctly, or be syndicated or published at all.

Please bear in mind that commercial, rental, and investment properties are NOT submitted. Residential property, lots and land listings ARE submitted. If another agent is submitting your listing, or if another party is submitting your listing, your iHOUSE Elite listing may not appear. To correct this issue, contact the party that is submitting your listing and ask them to remove it.

Syndicating Your Office Listings

If you are using an Elite Office Package, both your Office Website and your Agent Websites can syndicate their own listings. Each website syndicates only the listings that it manages (the listings that appear in the Listings tab in Edit Mode). Shared listings from your Agent Websites will not be syndicated by your Office Website since those listings are managed from the Agent Websites.

Potential Problem with Duplicate Submissions

A potential problem arises if both your Office Website and one of your Agent Websites are managing their own copies of the same listing and when they both have listing syndication turned ON. That listing will be syndicated twice from two different sources. Most of the time, this won’t matter. To prevent showing duplicate listings, most syndicators have their own algorithms to determine which one to use. However, the possibility exists that if they receive a duplicate submission, the syndicator may block that listing completely. To avoid this possibility, please take care that you are only syndicating your listings from one source.

To help prevent duplicates, we default your syndication settings as follows:

  • Syndication for your Office Website is set to ON.
  • Syndication for your Agent Websites is set to OFF.