When you add or edit a listing, you have the option of adding video to its listing detail page. The Video section of the listing detail page allows you to paste “Embed” code from a video provider such as YouTube or Yahoo! Video. To use this video feature, you must have already uploaded your video onto the video provider’s site.

What is Video Embedding?

When you embed video, you are basically adding it to your webpage. People will be able to watch your YouTube video (or other video provider) without leaving your website. The video is still “hosted” on YouTube, but you add the “embed code” so that people can watch it remotely from your website.

How to Embed Video

To embed video on your listing page, first go to your video provider’s site where your video is hosted.

For YouTube, first go to your video’s page. Underneath video you will see a Share button. From the Share menu that appears underneath that, click Embed. Select all of the text within the text box that appears. You can also click Show More for more options. Select the settings you wish to apply to your video, such as including related videos, showing a border, color options, and video size. 

Note: The maximum size you can place on your listing page is 660 by 405 pixels. Larger videos may break your website layout. Once you have selected your desired settings, copy the embed code and paste it in the Video field of your listing detail page.

For Yahoo! Video, go to the video play page for your video. Click the Share button with the envelope icon beneath the video. Copy the Embed code and paste it into the Video field of your listing detail page.

Click the “Save listing” button and then View this listing to see what it looks like.