Some listings may not be eligible for auto-updates. For example, rental and commercial listings do not work with the auto-update feature. Also, residential listings sometimes cannot be found in our database, in which case you will have to add them manually.

To add a listing manually, go to the Listings tab in Edit Mode. In the Add new listings section, click the Manual link. First, select the listing status from the dropdown menu. Most listings will have an Active status. A status of closed allows you to add notes and closing information to the property. Next, there are some checkboxes that will allow you to mark the listing as a rental or commercial listing. After that, you have the option to set a display status.

Next enter the basic information for the listing, such as MLS# (if you have one), Property Type, Price, Address, Lot size (in acres) etc. If you have a link to a virtual tour, you can enter it in the Virtual Tour URL box (please include the entire URL).

Next, you can enter a description for the listing.

In the Features module you start with some sample features. Edit them to say what you want, or you can just delete them. Use the Add a new feature link to add more features. In the Name field enter the title of the feature. In the Value field enter the corresponding description for the feature. You can add as many features as you want.

If you're editing a listing, here you can also add a Map Display Location, to allow this listing to appear in map searches. Just drag and drop the pin exactly where the listing is located. To remove a location, click Reset to default location.

To add video to your listing, paste the embed code (from YouTube or other video site) exactly as it was given to you into the Video field.

You have the option of assigning a keyword to your listing. Keywords allow you to create custom categories for your listings and then feature them on different Featured Listings pages. For example, if you assign your listing a keyword of Waterfront, you could then create a new featured listing page with a rule to only show listings with a keyword of Waterfront. You then have a Featured Listing page with only waterfront properties on it.

When you are done entering your listing information, click the Save listing button.

Adding Custom Photos

You can add as many custom listing photos as you want.

Click the Upload Photos button, the select the photos you want to upload from your computer OR you can just click and drag your photos from your desktop to the custom photos area. You can upload multiple photos at once.


Reordering Custom Photos

Once they've been added, you can reorder your photos by simply clicking and dragging them to the new desired order.


Deleting Custom Photos

To delete a photo, hover your mouse over it and click on the trash can icon that appears in the lower right hand corner of that photo.


Open Houses

The third listing edit tab is Open Houses. Here you can add an Open House event for the listing. The open house event will display on the listing detail page, the Open Houses page, and the Open Houses homepage widget (if the widget is activated and configured correctly).

To add an Open House event, select the date, start, and end times from the dropdown menus and click the “Add this open house” button.

To view your listing, click the View This Listing link at the top of the page. Or, click the Manage Your Listings link to return to the Listings tab.