Setting a client status is an integral part of Lead Funnel tool which helps you visualize and follow up with those leads that are still viable. Client statuses automatically updates the Lead Funnel to maintain an up to date picture of your client follow-up process. See Lead Funnel for more information.

Updating The Client Status

Adding and changing the client status is done from the LeadTracker/Client Database section of the Admin Menu.

  • From the Admin Menu select LeadTracker then select Client Database.
  • Click on a name from the available list. This will display details about the selected client.
    Note: You can use the Search tool above the list to narrow your list to a manageable number.

  • Click the Edit link at the top right of contact information section.

  • Use the Status drop down menu to select a new Status.

  • Click the Save button.

TipAll of your leads start with a status of New. As you start following up and qualifying them, you’ll change their status to one that’s further down the lead funnel. You can use our default set of lead statuses or create your own custom ones – and then order them to create a funnel that reflects your workflow. See Manage Statuses for more information.