The Keywords Meta-Tag is used to list relevant keyword terms for your website. Separate terms with a comma (,). Keep your keywords length between 200 and 500 characters.

Note: Due to the prevalence of using keywords to spam search engines, this field is almost universally overlooked by search engines. It will not hurt you to include words in here, but it will not necessarily help you, either.

Keyword: Not just a single word, but a phrase that a searcher uses to find information in a search engine. Someone looking for a certain type of real estate in Minnesota might use the key term “Minnesota lakefront vacation home.” Statistics show that less than 20% of searches are done with one word; most searches contain three or more words.

Meta Tag: an HTML code that provides information about your website to the search engines. This code is invisible to your site visitors.

To input Keyword Meta-tags:

  1.  Log into your Admin Menu.
  2. Select Keyword Manager.
  3. Enter the Meta Tags.
  4. Save Changes.