Your keywords are phrases that you believe are relevant to your business AND that people are likely to use in search engines to find services and information.

  • Examples are: “San Francisco real estate agent,” “Cape Cod homes for sale,” “Orange County apartment rentals.”

You will use these keywords to build your title tag, description tag and the first 300 words of text on your website’s home page.

Here are some example keywords for the real estate industry:

  • homes for sale
  • home for sale
  • real estate for sale
  • vacation homes
  • vacation home rental
  • beachfront home
  • new home
  • condo for sale
  • apartment rental
  • residential real estate
  • real estate agent in
  • house rental
  • mls listings
  • commercial real estate
  • commercial rentals
  • building for sale

This is only a partial list. Please use these suggestions together with a place name to target your site more closely to searches.

  • Pensacola beachfront home
  • Pittsburgh mls listings
  • Idaho new home
  • Take some time to think about how people looking for your services may search for you.
  • Write down 15-25 phrases describing your business.
  • Once you have this done, use the Search Suggestion tool to see how often these phrases were used by searchers over the past month.
  • This will help you determine which keywords are the most helpful to your website.

You can also use the Search Suggestion tool to find keywords that you can use. The easiest way to do this is to use your city name as the first term you search on with the tool; this will give you many standard keywords relating to your business.

Search Suggestion tool:

  • Once you have your chosen keywords and determined their relevance, select 4-6 of the MOST relevant and use them in your description meta tag and in your home page text.
  • Your title tag should also contain 3-4 keywords if possible.
  • Remember: your keywords provide relevance— by targeting fewer keywords that are more pertinent to your services and region, you attract visitors that are more likely to be interested in your services.
  • If you pack your site with keywords that have little to do with your business, you may get more traffic but fewer resulting leads.
  • You can convert visitors to clients only if you have successfully provided them with a solution to their problem.

You can change the website title and the description and keyword meta-tags through the Keyword Manager.