•  Click on the house at the bottom of your homepage and log into the Admin Menu
  • Click on the Traffic Report Link.
  • Click on the Go To Old Traffic Report button.

The following example is a sample only and does not reflect on the details that your traffic report may show.

  1. Page - Pull down menu to select the page you want to view traffic details on. Click the pull down menu and select from the menu. Then click the GO button.

    1. The traffic data displayed will be for the page selected.
  2. Source - Reports where the visitor came from (AKA- referring link). We only report
    referring links for those sources that report the information to us. Not all sources report referring link information.

    1. All traffic that has no source information is reported in the “other source” category.
  3. Data - Columns reflect monthly data, rows reflect data by the source.
  • Other Source*: Visitors that access your domain directly, search engine robots, spiders,
    proxies, and traffic originating from other pages within your site.

Notes: Results may be delayed up to 24 hours.