In the Source column you may find traffic originating from “Other Sources.” This identifies visitors that access your domain directly, search engine robots, spiders, proxies, and traffic originating from other pages within your site.

  • You may find sources such as em175 (or other numerical designation) showing a significant number.
  • The information reported in this column is generally exactly as reported to us.
  • Information in the source column is provided by the referring link and cannot always be tracked back to the real source.

  • iFlyers indicates that an iHouse Internet Flyer was emailed with a link to your site. As a promotional tool for our customers, we will periodically send out iFlyers at no charge to promote traffic to our customers site.
  • Flyer Format indicates whenever someone clicks on the Tell a Friend email flyer link or if they access the flyer format directly without going to the listings page.