Update your address, phone number, password, company, and contact information in the Account Info section. This information is used for contact information on listings uploaded to Yahoo!, Trulia, as well as iFlyers and other areas of your site.

To edit your account information:

  • Click on the house at the bottom of your homepage and log into the Admin Menu.
  • Click on the Account Info tab.
  • Under Account Info, click Edit Account Info.

An explanations of the fields in the Account Info screen is available below:

  • Your Name
    Enter the name you want displayed here.
  • Main Email Address
    This is the email address where you would like to be contacted, and is the main email address for your account. Click on the setup link and it will take you to the Mail screen, where you can choose a new main email address.
  • Phone
    Enter the phone number where you would like to be contacted here.
  • Fax
    Enter the fax number where you would like to be contacted at here.
  • Choose Password
    Change your website login password here.
    Note: Passwords must be a minimum of 4 alphanumeric characters. The new password will become active the next time you login. This will not affect your email password. To change that please visit our Email Help Section.
  • Mailing Address
    Enter the physical address you would like to be contacted at here.
  • City, State, Zip Code
    Enter the appropriate information for your office.
  • Company
    Type in the full name of your company or leave blank if you do not want a company name to be displayed.
  • Package
    Check what type of account you have with us: Express, Agent Pro, or Office Pro.
  • Promote my Website in Directory and Samples
    Get free exposure of your website by selecting Yes. Your website will be promoted in directories and could be used in iHOUSE samples. Choose No to prevent your site from being used for promotional purposes.