• You can add images within most text areas of your site using the @image# symbol.
  • You can also link the image to another site, any button (page) on your site, or choose to have no link.
  • The @image feature is a convenient way to input images anywhere on the site you like.
    • Note: in Layouts 5 and 6, @images only work in select fields.

Adding images is a two step process:

Step 1

  • Log into the Admin Menu and click on Edit Website Contents. Go to the page you want to add the image to.
  • Choose the text area where you would like to add the image, and type in the code @image#.
  • Do Not use the # symbol

    • replace the # with a number between 1-99 that you want to assign this image.
  • Example: @image1 will be image number 1, @image2 will be image number 2, @image3 will be image number 3…. etc.
    • We suggest that you go in order to keep better track of your @images.
  • A blank space is required before and after the @image# code.

    • If you do not have a blank space, all that will show is the text @image#
  • Click on the Save Changes button.

Step 2

  • You will find a small  button in the location you put the @image code.
    • Note: If the image button does not show up, click on your refresh or reload button of your browser.
    • If it still does not appear double check your code to make sure you entered it in correctly.
  • Click on the image-plugin.gif button.

  • 1. Click on the Browse button to select the image file from your computer, or use the dropdown menu to select a image from your File Manager.
  • 2. Select the Text Wrap/Alignment option.
    • To change your text alignment, click on the image at any time in edit mode to change your settings.
    • Suggestion- Try different alignment settings to see which setting best suits your needs. Generally speaking, Right and Left work well to wrap text around the image.
  • 3.Optional- Link the image to a button (page) on your site or to another site.
    • Under the Link To Webpage section:
    • Select Disabled for no link.
    • Select a page from your site using the pull down menu or enter the URL to another web site in the Other Location section.
  • Save Changes

To edit your image, link the image, or to align your text, click on the image while in edit mode. To add additional images to your site repeat the same process BUT use a different number. If you have already used @image1, assign the new image @image2.

Important Notes

  • Once an image has been set up, the same code can be used to call up the image at any time on your site.
    • Example: @image1 will always display the image assigned as image 1, regardless of the page you are on.
  • Warning- If you change an image, change the alignment, or the link properties for an image, all places on the web site that call for that image will be changed as well.