Note: Slideshow is only accessible on Classic Layouts 1, 2, and 4 and New Top Navigation Layouts.

Once you have selected listings or individual images to appear in the homepage Slideshow, you can utilize the Slideshow Manager to organize the Slideshow.

To Access the Slideshow Manager:

  • Log into your iHOUSE Admin Menu.
  • Select Edit Website Contents.
  • Click the Slideshow Manager button that appears in the home page slideshow image box.
  • All current images and listings that you have activated to the slideshow will appear here.

Reordering Slides

  • To change the order of your slides, simply change the number in the Order Box.
  • When changing one slide, other slides will automatically reorder.
    • Example: When bringing slide #14 to slide #1, every slide below #1 will automatically shift down 1 spot.
  • After changing the number(s) in the appropriate box(es), click Save Changes.

Removing Slides From Top 25

  • If you have more than 25 listings submitted to the Slideshow Manager, those after 25 will appear at the bottom of the page in the inactive section.
  • If you would like to move one of the active slides to the inactive section, simply put a number higher than 25 into the Order Box and select Save Changes.
    • This will cause the previous slide (#26) to shift up to the #25 slot.

Removing Slides From Slideshow

  • Once a slide is added to the Slideshow, it can also be removed from the Slideshow.
  • From the Slideshow Manager, simply check the box of the listing you would like to remove and click Save Changes.

Note: When it is removed from the slideshow, the listing WILL NOT be removed from your website.

Editing Listings from Slideshow

  • Only listing photos and not individual images that have been uploaded can be edited.
  • From the Slideshow Manager, click the Edit This Listing link below the listing photo.
  • You will be taken back to the Edit Listing page where you can choose a different main photo for the home page slideshow or edit the listing itself.