• Click on the house at the bottom of any page and log into your Admin Menu.
  • Choose Edit Website Contents.
  • Click the listing button which you would like to edit (Lease/Rental, New Construction, etc.).
  • Click Add Listing.
  • Select Create a new residential listing.
  • Click Continue

Fill in the online form with details about the listing as noted below.

1. Heading and Short Description of property

  • Enter description.
  • You can use the Special Format Codes if you wish.

2. Listing Type

  • Select the button name that you would like to have this listing displayed on.

3. Allow listing to appear on homepage?

  • For Site Style 3 only
  • Select “Yes” to add a thumbnail image and link to the homepage.

4. Open House

  • Date & Time
    • Use the Pull Down Menus in the Open House section to select the Date, Start Time and End Time for your open house.
    • Your listing will display the Open House icon automatically on your featured listings page.
  • Display On Open House Page
    • Use the check box to add the listing to the Open House page.
    • Your listing will be automatically removed from Open House page after the date and time you have selected has passed.