To add a new file, press the Add New File button. To edit a file, click on the file’s title or on it’s edit icon. The pages for Adding and Editing files are almost identical. Their pages have three main sections:


Choose where you want to put your file: in an existing folder or you can create a new folder. If you don’t have any folders created yet, and don’t choose a name for a new one, the system will automatically create a folder for you called Documents. This is the default folder.

File Source

You can upload a file from your computer, copy one of the files in your File Manager, or link to a file on the internet. Choose which option you would like to use by clicking the radio button next to one of the following options:

Upload File: The default choice. Click browse to choose a file from your computer. You can save a copy of the file to your File Manager at the same time if you wish. To do so, check the Copy to File Manager checkbox, and select a File Manager folder from the droplist. If you don’t select a folder in your File Manager, the file will automatically be copied to the default folder.

File Manager: You may choose to copy one of the files in your File Manager. Select your desired file from the droplist.

Link: enter the URL of an external file or resource you would like to make available to your website visitors. This doesn’t actually save the file to your Documents page; it merely points your visitors to the file on a different website. This can be useful when linking to documents that are regularly updated. Your website visitors will always have access to the most recent version.

Don’t Replace File: (this choice only shows up when editing an existing file) Keeps the same file.

File Details

(all of the choices here are optional)

You can add a title and description for the file (if there is a title, it will replace the filename on screen). You can also add a password here. The file will require a password before your web visitors can download it. You can choose to hide a file, which will hide it from your website visitors, but the file will remain visible to you in edit mode.