HTML mode:

  • Placing two # signs (##) before the first character in a text block will transform the text field into HTML mode.
  • Where the text field will only read text coded in HTML.
  • Use this to insert HTML or Javascript┬« code provided by third party services.

Note: Converting a field to HTML mode will disable the use of all other Special Format Codes in that field.

Notes Regarding HTML mode:

  • We do not troubleshoot or otherwise offer technical support for HTML Coding issues.
  • We do offer support for the Special Format Codes as noted above.
  • Do not use the following HTML tags. They will not work with our service.
    • Forms <form>
    • Cascading Style Sheets (css)
    • <meta> tags
    • Title <title> tag
    • Description meta tag
    • cgi or Perl scripting
    • Any tag that requires Microsoft Front Page┬« extensions.
    • Scripts requiring Java applets.