This feature will allow you to password protect any page on your site. You can use this to allow access to only certain clients or visitors. Your clients will only have to enter the password once, unless they clear the cookies from their browser.

  • Click on the house at the bottom of any page and log into your Admin Menu.
  • Choose Edit Buttons from the Admin Menu.
  • Click on the Page Password link below the button list.
  • Enter the password you want visitors to use to access the page.
  • Save Changes.
    • It may take several minutes for your buttons to be updated.
    • You can edit the wording of the password request page the visitor sees.

      • Click the button you have password protected while in edit mode and then the Edit button on the password request page.

Note: You can only Password Protect pages on your iHOUSE website.
You cannot Password Protect a website you have linked the button to.