To Add an Agent Profile (Only pertains to Office Sites):

  • Click on the house at the bottom of any page and log into your Admin Menu.
  • Choose Edit Website Contents.
  • Click Our Agents.
  • Click the yellow Add Entry button to add a new agent to the Directory.
  • Enter the information as noted below.

  1. Photo
    1. To display a photo of the agent, click on the Browse button to select a photo from your computer.
  2. Display Name
    1. If the agent you add has a nickname that he/she goes by enter that into the Display Name field.
    2. This name will only be displayed when you click on the agent.
  3. Title
    1. Place the title of the agent in here. i.e. Owner, Broker, Agent, etc.
  4. Category
    1. Enter in a category you would like to place the agent in.
    2. If the category you want is not listed simply type in a new category in the Create New Category field and it will automatically be added to the Choose Category drop-box after you click Save Changes.
    1. NOTE: You first must enable Categorization of Our Agents Page in the Website and Listing Preferences in the Admin Menu to sort the agents.
  5. Text
    1. Enter biography/personal information.
  6. Or, enter a URL
    1. Or enter the web site URL for a web page that displays this agents listings.
  7. Contact Agent
    1. When visitors to your website click on Contact Agent the Contact Us form will appear requesting basic information.
    1. NOTE: All inquiries will only be sent to the one address selected for Contact Us.

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