If you have created a Flash file of your own, or if you have a Flash file you have downloaded from the internet, you may upload it in place of an intro from our Flash library. Flash files may be created with programs like Macromedia Flash.

  1. Log into your Admin Menu.
  2. Click on Flash Intro.
  3. Instead of choosing one of our Flash Intros, click on the browse button next to “Upload your own Shockwave Flash (.swf) files from your PC.”
  4. Save changes.

Important Note on creating .swf files – Compressed movies will not work.
.swf flash files cannot be Compressed Movies.  Compressed movies will fail on upload.

How to publish your flash file with “Compressed Movie” turned off.
Open the file (.fla file) in Flash.
From the Flash application
Select > File > Publish Settings
Select “Flash” at the top of the settings screen.
Under Options uncheck “Compress movie”
Publish your movie .swf file as you normally would.