Capture your visitor’s attention by adding a Flash Intro to your website. Flash is a multimedia presentation that allows for animated images, text and sound to be added to a website. Flash is the standard for multimedia presentations for the Internet and Flash plug-ins are now standard for most browsers being used on the internet. Flash plug-ins allow visitors to view the Flash file without having to install additional programs on their computer.

You can download the latest version of the Flash Player for your browser/computer at the following link:

Adobe Flash Player (

The Flash Intro will set up an eye-catching animated page with themed music and information pertinent to your website. We have more than 20 customizable intros to choose from, and with the ability to add your own text, photos, and buttons, you can make your Flash Intro as unique as your site.

To add this feature to your site:
Log into the Admin Menu.
Click on Add Options.
Click the Add link next to the Flash Intro option

If you add the Advanced Options Package, you can add this feature to your website along with a number of other options at a greatly reduced cost from adding all of them individually.