Given that there are billions of web pages, Search Engines rely more on their spiders (aka ‘bots) to crawl around the Internet to electronically find and index website pages versus relying on manual registrations. However, there are still several website registration options that may be worth pursuing.

Free Submissions
Although these services do not guarantee that your site will be posted or how quickly your submission is accepted, we recommend taking the time to register your site. You can safely submit your site about once per month until your site is posted. You can submit your site at no charge to the following services:

  • Google Free Submission
  • dmoz Open Directory

Yahoo Paid Inclusion
Why consider paying for search engine inclusion? Because of drastic changes over the last several years in the way search engines do business, free submissions are not an effective way to get your site listed quickly. Paid inclusion services are quickly becoming the model for many search engines to increase revenue and provide a valid service to subscribers. Yahoo paid inclusion costs $299.00/Year

Real Estate Directory Services
These services will provide a guaranteed listing in the individual directories and start your link building efforts. For iHOUSE Website customers, iHOUSE will submit your information to these resources on your behalf. Click on Add Options from the iHOUSE Website Admin Menu to order this service

  • International RE Digest $25/per year
    International Real Estate Digest has been supporting real estate on the web since 1995 and is one if the most respected real estate directories available.
  • Real Estate Library $59/per year
    RE Library is a great resource center for all things real estate on the web and is used by many consumers to find a realtor.
  • Real Estate ABC $25/per year
    Your contact information can be listed in four local communities and receive a priority listing in the directory, above free link exchange clients.