While the 70% is more conventional wisdom than documented fact, there is absolutely no doubt that link popularity plays a significant role in determining search engine results. The higher the number and “quality” of sites that link to your website, the more attention Google and Yahoo! give to your website. Quality is defined by volume of visitors and relevancy to your site.

Your link campaign will be most effective if the websites that link back to your site are other popular, legitimate real estate-related websites and other relevant local or professional websites. If you can contact and receive links from established sites that are already in good standing with search engines, this will help boost your own ranking as well. They will often ask for you to link to them in exchange for linking to you. This is usually called a Link Exchange. There are few short-cuts to a good link development campaign – you should avoid automated link exchanges or purchased link programs that involve linking with sites unknown, which may not help, and can even hurt your website rankings.

  1. Ask your local business partners for a link to you.
  2. Post your listings on directories that provide a link back to your site.
  3. Search for real estate, mortgage, and building themed websites that contain terms pertaining to your company or the real estate profession in general – but stay away from link farms!
  4. Business and web resource directories such as www.dmoz.org will have categories that pertain to real estate/mortgage/building/etc. to which you can submit your site.
  5. Post your business contact information on the major business web directories and yellow pages.