Local search engine marketing is a form of online marketing that consists of several strategies specific to promoting a business in a local region including:

  • Local natural search engine optimization: The addition of search terms with local keyword modifiers to the titles, meta descriptions and copy of your web site.

  • Directory submission: Involves submitting the URL of your web site to a local directory or the local sections of general web directories for inclusion in their search index.

  • Pay-per-click management: Pay-per-click advertisements are usually text ads placed near search results; when a site visitor clicks on the advertisement, the advertiser is charged a small amount.

Search engine marketing can help you build your business by:

  • Generating qualified leads and sales from local consumers.

  • Increasing your exposure in the local neighborhoods.

  • Lowering your cost-per-lead compared to print Yellow Pages and Direct Mail.

How Local Search Engines and Directories Work

People search the Internet everyday using search engines like Google, Yahoo!, AOL and MSN. Perhaps they type in “Orlando condominiums” or “San Diego single-family homes”as they search for specific properties in a local market. The search engines deliver results found within the specified geographic area instead of from around the world. This focus on delivering geographically relevant results is known as “Local Search.”

The following list includes several of the major search engines and web directories that focus on delivering high quality Local Search results to their customers.

The key for these search engines and web directories to generating successful local search results to their visitors is having a rich and complete local business directory. If you choose, you can individually complete the forms to supply information about yourself or company to each site. Some of these sites have premium paid listings while others do not charge any fees. We know you might not want to take the time to individually register your business on each of these sites. But don’t despair – we now offer a service to add your information to eighteen local search resources by just filling out one set of forms.

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