Spotlight Editor features and tools are described below:

Viewing Your Website

Click on the View Site button. This will open your site in a new window.


Editing Your Website Content

You have two editing options:

    • Edit Mode allows you to make most of your changes right on the page, so you can instantly see how your content will look. Click on the Edit Mode button.


  • Quick Edit allows you to quickly find and update specific information. Use the Quick Edit navigation menu on the left side of Editor.

Changing Your Website Layout

You can change the Layout, Design Style, and Color Palette of your site at any time. Click on the Layout button.


Getting Back to the Spotlight Editor

From Your Website

Since your website opens in a new window, when you are finished viewing it you can simply close it. The Spotlight Admin Panel will still remain open underneath. If your website is the only window open, you can access the Spotlight Editor by scrolling down to the bottom of your site and clicking on the blue house icon in the lower left hand corner.

From Edit Mode

To return to this screen from Edit Mode, click on one of the Finished buttons found at the top and bottom of your site.

Activating Your Site

When your website is finished, you can choose a domain name for it (example: and publish it live to the web. You will still be able to edit your website after you have activated it. To activate this website, click the Activate Now button.