Basic Information

Q: What is MarketReach?

A: MarketReach is an email marketing tool that allows you to send pre-designed email campaigns. A campaign is a series of emails that are sent on a pre-determined schedule. MarketReach provides an extensive Contact Manager to store and manage your contacts in addition to online tools to create, customize and send your emails.

Q: Does MarketReach have pre-defined campaigns available?

A: MarketReach comes with 32 pre-defined campaigns ready to be sent out to your clients. You can view these in the “Campaign Explorer”.

Q: Can I edit the pre-defined campaigns?

A: MarketReach allows you to make your own copies of any of its campaigns, which can then be customized freely. Simply “Copy” one of the pre-defined campaigns from “Campaign Explorer”, then make any changes you need.

Q: Can I create my own campaigns?

A: MarketReach allows you to create and save your own unique eCards and property flyers, which you can use to create unique campaigns specific to your business.

Q: Can I use my own photos or images?

A: MarketReach allows you to upload your own images to our online Image Manager, which can then be used in your eCards.

Account Information

Q: Where do I update my Account Information?

A: You can update account details under “Preferences”, then “Account Information”. This will let you update your password, username (coming soon), and account contact information.

Q: How do I update my signature?

A: You can update your personal info in the “Application Preferences” section, which can be reached from the “Preferences” menu. The items in “Personal Info” are used to dynamically generate your signature on your eCards and flyers. You can also customize which items are used in your signature here.

Q: Can I use an image in my signature?

A: Yes. You can use a custom image from your image manager or one of the default company logos provided by MarketReach. You can edit this option in your “Application Preferences” in “Preferences”.


Help Center – Contact Manager

Q: Can I import my contacts from other programs?

A: MarketReach can import standard contact lists from a number of products, including Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo!, and Intellicard. There is also an option to upload customized formats by selecting and ordering the fields you will be importing. Help Center – Importing Contacts to MarketReach

Q: Can I manage my contacts?

A: MarketReach includes a number of tools to make maintaining and editing your contacts easy. You can create Dynamic and Static lists of contacts to manage specific groups of contacts, then use these lists to archive, opt-out, or change the status or type of any contact or contacts.

Q: Can I add my own custom Contact Types?

A: Yes – You can create custom contact using your own descriptive name.

Q: When adding a new contact, how do I make sure that it automatically appears in a specific list that I have created?

A: Dynamic Lists are automatically updated with any contacts meeting their criteria. You can define a Dynamic List made up of your new contacts and use the list to assign campaigns, edit the contacts, or simply find your new contacts quickly.


Help Center – eCard Manager

Q: How do I create my own eCard?

A: There are two methods for creating an eCard, the eCard Wizard and using the eCard Manager.
- Using the eCard Wizard – From the MarketReach home page, select eCard Wizard. Follow the on-screen instructions.
- Using the eCard Manager – In the eMarketing section of MarketReach, click on Create New eCard, select an appropriate category, theme, and layout, then begin filling the eCard out with the information you want to send. Help Center – Creating an eCard

Q: How do I create a blank eCard?

A: If you do not want to use one of the templates provided, MarketReach has a “Custom” eCard available in any of the categories. The “Custom” layout allows you to upload your own banner images and text, so you can fully customize the eCard. Help Center – Creating an eCard

Q: How do I make sure that my eCards are addressed to clients individually?

A: MarketReach uses macros that fill out contact’s information selectively. You simply include a macro such as [%firstname%] to address a card to your client by their first name. Help Center – List of currently available Macros

Q: How do I add images to eCards?

A: Once an image has been uploaded to the image manager, you can add it to the ecard in any text area by using the following format: [%img%]filename[%/img%]. MarketReach will allow you to select from your uploaded images using a dropdown menu and will generate the appropriate text for you, which you simply copy and paste as necessary.

Q: How do I change the font of an eCard?

A: eCards fully support HTML, so you can use any fonts, hyperlinks, or formatting you want by customizing the card with HTML.

Q: How do I change my signature / can I use images in my signature?

A: Please see Account Information

Q: Can I attach files such as .pdf and .doc formats to my eCards?

A: No. However, you can attach an HTML link to a .pdf or other document that is being hosted on your website.

Q: How can I view my eCards?

A: Your eCards are all displayed in “eMarketing – Browse eCards”. They will be separated into folders. By default, your eCards are placed in “My eCards”, but you can create your own custom folders. Help Center – Browse eCards

Q: How can I send an eCard to a Dynamic or Static list?

A: In order to send an eCard to a Dynamic or Static list, you will need to create a campaign that consists of a single eCard, then schedule that campaign to be sent to your list.

Q: Can I send eCards to the MarketReach contacts / Can I send eCards out to a zipcode?

A: No. You can only use the MarketReach contact database for sending Flyers. eCards can only be sent to the contacts in your Contact Manager.

Property Flyers

Help Center – Property Flyers

Q: How do I create a Property Flyer?

A: There are two methods for creating a Property Flyer,  the Flyer Wizard and using the Flyer Manager.
- Using the Flyer Wizard – From the MarketReach home page select the Property Flyer Wizard. Follow the on-screen instructions
- Using the Flyer Manager – In the eMarketing section of MarketReach, click on Property Flyer Manager. Select   “Create a New Property Flyer”, then select a theme, a layout, and select a listing from your iHOUSE website to automatically import all the listing details. You can also manually edit the listing details, including adding images or more information. Help Center – Create a Property Flyer

Q: How do I send a Flyer to the MarketReach contact database?

A: When you send a Flyer, you will have the choice to select “Add My Recipients” or “Add MarketReach Recipients”. The second choice will allow you to send your Flyer to contacts stored in the MarketReach database. Help Center – Sending a Property Flyer


Help Center – Campaign Manager

Q: How do I send a campaign to everybody in my Contact Manager?

A: You can create a Dynamic List of everybody in your Contact Manager by leaving all the criteria blank, then send your campaigns to this Dynamic List.

Q: If I send a campaign to multiple groups will people in more than one group be emailed twice?

A: MarketReach recognizes duplicate contact emails and will weed out people whose email address appears more than once in a given mailing.

Q: Is there a way to edit a scheduled campaign?

A: MarketReach stores a version of your campaign when you finalize the schedule for sending the campaign. This allows you to make changes to eCards that have been assigned to a campaign without changing the campaign after it has been scheduled, but it also prevents you from making new changes to the scheduled campaign. You can cancel a campaign at any time, make any editing changes you want, and schedule a new campaign that will pick up where the terminated campaign left off.