Creating a Dynamic List

A dynamic list is a set of contacts that is automatically updated every time contacts are added or removed from your MarketReach contact manager. Dynamic lists are created with specific criteria; for example, if you created a list “Contact Type equals Agent,” any new or old contacts that have a listing type of “Agent” would be added to the list. If a contact is updated and no longer meets the criteria for the list, the contact is automatically removed from the list.

Contacts are removed from a Dynamic List when:

  • The contact information is updated and no longer meets the list criteria.
  • They Opt-out of further emails.
  • They are archived or deleted.

Follow these steps to create a Dynamic List:

  1. From the Home page of Marketreach, click on “Organize Contacts”.
  2. Click on “Create New List”, on the left-hand side of the page.
  3. Click on “Create Dynamic List” 
  4. 4. Name your list, then create the criteria for adding contacts to your list. This functions the same way as the “Advanced Search“, but any contacts that are found are part of the list.

NOTE: Please be careful when choosing criteria. ANY contact meeting those criteria is added to the list, and any contact that does not will not be on the list. There is no way to manually add or remove individual contacts from a Dynamic List. However, you can edit the contact information at any time to make sure a contact meets the criteria for the list.

Editing an existing Dynamic List

To edit an already created Dynamic List, click on “Browse Contact Lists”, then click on the edit button next to one of your Dynamic Lists. You can then rename the list, update the search criteria used to determine which contacts are on the list, and how the contacts are displayed.

Clicking on the name of your Dynamic List will take you to a “Browse Contacts” page with only the contacts in your Dynamic List visible.