The Free Brochures page allows your clients or website visitors to automatically request information through your campaigns.

  • This page can be sent as a direct link, or integrated with your own website by using this page as a frameable link.
  • You can customize your Free Brochures page to match your website, and select which campaigns you want shown on this page.

To Access the Brochure Editor:

  1. Log into your MarketReach homepage.
  2. Select the green Create and Browse Campaigns icon from the menu at the top of the screen.
  3. Choose Brochure Editor from the list of options.

Customize each of the three sections of text:

The Introduction Text is displayed at the top of the page, and is the first thing your customers will read. The Title Text is displayed just above the campaigns. Finally, the Success Text is displayed to your customers when they have successfully signed up for a campaign.

You can select fonts, colors, and page alignment to the right. This will determine how the Free Brochurespage will be displayed on your website. You can either use the drop-down menus to select the colors, or type in a specific hex-code for a color.

Add a Campaign to the brochure:

Click the “Add Campaigns” button, which will take you to a page where you can select your individual campaigns. Simply click to open the folder your campaign is saved in, then click the “Add Campaign” link. Campaigns that are already part of the Free Brochures page will say “This Campaign is already part of the brochure.” in place of the “Add Campaign” link. When you are finished, click “Finished Adding Campaigns”

Edit the Brochure Display Name, & Brochure Description:

The Brochure Display Name is the name your clients will see instead of the Campaign Name. TheBrochure Description is intended as a brief description of the campaign to attract your clients. You can also use the “Remove” link to take a campaign out of your Free Brochures page.

Adjust the Contact Form:

You can customize the questions your clients fill out. While only First NameLast Name, and Email Address are required, you can include other required questions by selecting the checkbox in the “Required?” column.

Save Changes