We have a database of agents and brokers in our contact list. These contacts are available for your use with MarketReach Property Flyers, but are not available for general use or distribution. To access this database here are the steps to follow:

  • Create your Property Flyer
  • Save your Property Flyer for future use
  • Send the Flyer – A screen will come up asking which of your contacts you want to send the flyer to
  • Press on the 2nd tab on top labeled: “Add MarketReach Recipients”
  • Add the zip code for the area to which you want to send the flyer.
  • Press “Add”
  • Press “Continue”

*You have 500 free flyers per month that you can send out using this feature; after the first 500, the cost is 3 cents per flyer.

The next screen will display your total for the order and any remaining credit you have. Accept Charges, and your flyers will shortly be sent out to their intended recipients.