From the Homepage view:

  1. Click “Create & Browse Flyers.”
  2. Click “Browse Flyers.”

  3. Click the folder where the flyer you would like to edit is located.
  4. Click the edit_ecard1.gif button of the flyer you would like to edit. OR
  5. Click the preview.gif button if you would simply like to view the flyer. OR
  6. Click the send_now.gif button to send the flyer without editing.

Editing your Property Flyer

  1. Click the edit_ecard1.gif button on any of the sections on the flyer you would like to edit.
  2. Click “Save Changes” to keep the changes you’ve made. OR
  3. Click “Preview” to see a sample of the flyer you have edited. OR
  4. Click “Cancel Current Changes” to return the flyer to it’s original state without saving.

Please Note: MarketReach was designed to be used in the US real estate market and does not currently support non-US currency symbols.