Creating a property flyer is a quick 4 step process. For those listings that appear on your iHOUSE Website, you can import the information directly into a property flyer. If you do not have any listings on your website, you will not be able to use this feature.

From your homepage:

  1. Click “Create & Browse Property Flyers.”
  2. Click “Create New Flyer.”
  3. Select and click on your desired theme for your flyer.
  4. Select and click on your desired layout for your flyer.
    You will see the flyer edit screen as shown below.

  5. Click the “Edit” button next to “Add Email Subject Line”
    Type in your desired subject and click “Submit”.
  6. If the “Add Custom Message” field shows in your email, click the “Edit” button next to it.
    Type in your custom message and click “Submit.”
  7. Click the “Edit” Button next to “Add Custom Logo.” (optional)
    Select your desired logo or image either from your Image Manager or elsewhere on your computer. Select “No Image,” if you would like to leave the area blank.
  8. Click the “Edit” Button under your contact information to change your contact information. (optional)
  9. Click “Add / Edit Listing”

  10. To Import a listing from your iHOUSE site, select the listing from the drop down menu. Listing detailed information will populate into the available boxes.
  11. If you are not importing a listing from your iHOUSE website, you can manually enter your listing and picture.
  12. To save your flyer, click the “Save Flyer” button.
  13. Enter the “Flyer Name” and a brief description in the appropriate boxes and select the folder you would like to save it in.
  14. Click “Save,” to save and hold your flyer, or click “Save Flyer and Send,” to send your flyer now. You may also click “Preview” to review your flyer, or “Cancel Current Flyer” to discard the flyer without saving changes.
  15. On the Contacts page, select any contacts you would like to send the flyer to.
  16. When you have selected all the recipients you would like, click “Send Email.”
  17. You will receive a message that says, “Your flyer has been sent.”

Please Note: MarketReach was designed to be used in the US real estate market and does not currently support non-US currency symbols.