If you created a Google account using an email address at a domain that was upgraded to use Google Workspace, you'll find that your old Google account and your new Google Workspace account are conflicting. In this event, you can resolve this conflict easily and get your old and new accounts back in order.

Step 1: So what exactly do we mean by conflicting accounts? A conflicting account only occurs when you use your company email address to sign up for a Google account, and then your company's domain is upgraded to use Google Workspace, making you a new "work" Google account in the process. Since both Google accounts use the same e-mail address, a conflict occurs. If your personal Google account ends in "gmail.com", and has no aliases it will never be in conflict.

Step 2: When you sign in, Google will give you some options to separate the two accounts and resolve the conflict. You can:

    • Change to an account with a Gmail address (example@gmail.com or another available Gmail name).

    • Change to an account with a different email address (such as example@yahoo.com or any other email address).

    • Sign in with a temporary username Google provides (example%mydomain@gtempaccount.com).

All conflicting accounts must be resolved. If you choose the last option, your account is automatically renamed to the temporary name that Google provides. You also will be prompted with these same options at sign-in time, until deciding on and selecting a permanent solution.

In all cases, the data in your personal accounts remains safe and accessible to you.