This option requires you to link your MailChimp account to your iHouse Elite website. Only available with Pro Packages.


The Email Campaign System for iHOUSE Elite allows you to set up regular contact with your subscribed (opted-in to your email list) clients. This feature is found in your Admin Menu's left sidebar, under Campaigns. Learn more about managing campaigns.

Note that MailChimp refers to "Campaigns" as individual emails that are sent to a list. By contrast, "Campaigns" in your Elite Website are a collection of one or more email messages scheduled for delivery on a client by client basis. Your linked MailChimp account's "campaigns" won't be affected by any campaigns you create in Elite, and vice versa. Your Elite Website campaigns are created and scheduled from your website and then sent using your linked MailChimp account as the delivery mechanism.

Email Name

The name of the email is only for your personal use in managing it as you assign it to campaigns. It will not be seen by recipients of the email.


This is the subject line of the email.


This is the body of your email. You can use the Content Editor to format and style your message. For more help with this, see Using the Content Editor.


You can optionally include your shared signature.

If you check this box, your email signature will be attached, and you can edit it directly from this page. Note that editing it here will change it for everywhere it is included.

Press Save to save your email.