Linking your iHOUSEweb Elite website to Facebook allows automated posting to a Facebook Business page. With this tool, you can auto-post new listings and new blog posts to a Facebook page that you manage. This feature only works for auto-updated listings (not manually entered listings), and it is only available to Elite Pro accounts.

Getting Started

To start linking your iHouse Elite website to Facebook, go to your Admin Menu. From here, click on Linked Accounts, then Facebook. Click the Log In button. You will see a dialog box pop up asking you to give the iHOUSEweb Listing Poster permission to make posts for you. Upon accepting the terms, you will see this screen:

At the top you can choose to unlink your account if you need to. Below that, check the boxes to enable automatic posting, and choose which page you would like to post the listings too. Clicking Save will save these settings.

Note: You will not be able to to post the listings to your personal Facebook Timeline. Your listings must be posted to a Page you manage on Facebook. If the drop down box is blank, it means your Facebook account does not have any pages associated with it.

Once you’ve enabled automated Facebook posting for new listings, any new auto updated listings added to your site (Through Find Your Listings) will be automatically shared to your chosen Facebook page. Once you've enabled automated Facebook posting for new blog posts, and newly published blog posts will be automatically shared as well.

Featured Images

When a listing is shared to Facebook, the first image associated with that listing will be shared as the Featured Image. When a blog post is shared to Facebook, the first image in the blog content will be shared as the Featured Image. However, Facebook requires a Featured Image to be at least 200px by 200px. If the first image associated with your listing or blog post does not meet or exceed these dimensions, Facebook may automatically select a different image or select no image at all.